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Materials and erotism

Each painting in this set comprise materials as latex for example and, or, 3D elements. I wanted to play in trompe l'oeil with my realistic painting and the materials allowing thus, for example, to the rope to go out of the frame or the viewer to find out, raising the latex skirt, that the girl is not really a girl.

Erotic paintings

Obviously, some paintings are my own fantasies but they are specially fantasies and lived experience of open-minded people who so generously offered them to me. Take each painting as the testimony of a moment of their life.

Petits portraits intimes

The series of "Petits portraits intimes" are paintings onto which a "wiser" drawing hide a pornographic composition so the art lover is able to reveal it only to the chosen eyes.

Le Maître des Plaisirs

I realized these drawings to illustrate the book of poems which my accomplice of always, Miriam Blaylock of her author's name SM, wrote. Book published in limited edition by LE COUDRIER.

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